Lory is a Romanian lady born and raised in the Romanian region of Breaza Prahova in a small village called Podul Corbului where the countryside was part of every day life, as a child Lory looked after the chickens and a huge pig in the family garden while learning to cook traditional style with her mother. Lory moved to the capital city Bucharest in 2002 where she embarked in a career working with performing arts while continuing her study into artistic creations. Lory is a incredible cook, a very caring person who has always put others before herself.

With 17 years experience and involvement in artistic creation for public and corporate clients from TV shows to City center festivals, Lory also has several diplomas for creation in the field of flower arrangement, achieved several international awards and is often bringing new ideas. Innovation and caring for the final result has always been her goal and it is one her many qualities.